About us

The inimitable magnificent modern jewellery

A unique and luxurious collection of bold, artistic and contemporary jewellery made in Italy in silver and 18kt gold enriched with precious and semiprecious stones.

Astengo de Lama is fashionably current and satisfies the most discerning of taste.

The Astengo de Lama creative partnership was created when Isabella astengo decided she must bring purpose and life back into her grandmother’s extensive collection of corals that she loved so much as a young girl. she developed a few small jewellery pieces combining coral with pretty stones.

Coincidently, a visiting house guest and friend baroness Loredana Boboli de Lama arrived with one of her own design necklaces and they instantly recognised the synergy of their talents; the collaboration led to Astengo de Lama, a unique jewellery collection of highly individual pieces.

The creative inspiration of the italian designers ensures the line continues to evolve to meet changing fashion trends.